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Gangbang and cum shower for Carmen Leroi.

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Carmen Leroi, slut and proud to be: The gangbang.

Short Clip

Actresses: Carmen Leroi

Actors: Antho Toto Juan Lucho Lorenzo Viota Miguel Zayas

Style(s): Gangbang


Carmen Leroi receives in her apartment two old friends of her Anto Toto and Lorenzo who have come along with two Spanish friends. When Lorenzo asks to Carmen Leroi whether she finds his Spanish friends handsome, the slut straightforwardly replies to him “let’s not waste the whole afternoon chit-chatting, and show your cocks.”
The slutty bitch Carmen will start sucking all 4 huge & juicy cocks, before all the guys start pounding her meanly, dilating all her orifices viciously.
Well dilated, pounded and disgraced, Carmen will finish all showered in cum.
Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Gangbang, vaginal penetration, cum shower.
Watch the free clip of the porn video: Carmen Leroi, 100% pure slut, and proud of it – Carmen Leroi gets Gangbanged, disgraced and showered in cum.

Duration 26
Actress Carmen Leroi
Actors Antho Toto Juan Lucho Lorenzo Viota Miguel Zayas
Movie Type Short Clip

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