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Carmen Leroi
Carmen Leroi


Carmen Leroi

Carmen Leroi is a French porn actress; she started her career at the beginning of 2017. Eddy Blackone, the staple actor in French adult film productions as well as in many European productions, and of course, also for Club Anissa Kate!!, would contact me to introduce her to me. I would immediately fall under her charm, she has that little Asian something I am so keen on, a strong character, a gorgeous body, 101% natural breasts, no tattoos, I am in, I immediately want her to shoot for me. I would propose to her to shoot an X video with Rick Angel «Et la tendresse - Femme dévouée» (And tenderness – A devoted woman). In January 2018 Carmen Leroi has the huge pleasure to see she has made it to the cover of Marc Dorcel Magazine. I would propose to her to take the leading role in an adult film: «Carmen Leroi, salope et fière de l’être» (Carmen Leroi, a true slut, and proud of it!). Carmen Leroi has everything it takes to have a huge and bright in the adult film industry as porn actress, and reach the stars. Her anal performances are truly astounding. 

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